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Differentiating set projections.

The Pandora box from simple set membership.

Constrained optimization on a fundamental engineering problem

Calling it a guide would imply I figured it out, this is merely documenting what works… okay?

What can automated gradient computations bring to mathematical optimizers, what does it take to compute?

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Doctoral researcher

Polytechnique Montréal, INRIA Lille

September 2017 – Present Montréal, Canada & Lille, France
Double PhD program in mathematical optimization for pricing of Demand Response programs in a smart grid context.

Research Engineer, Data scientist

Equisense SAS

July 2016 – August 2017 Lille, France

Research and development for a startup building connected devices and associated products for horse-riders.

  • Processing and analysis of signals from motion and health monitoring sensors
  • Prototyping for embedded data compression
  • Lead developer for the back-end infrastructure (databases, API, data analysis services)
  • Technologies used: Golang, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Amazon Web Services, Python, Julia

Master project

Siemens Digital Factory

February 2016 – July 2016 Karlsruhe, Germany
Development of algorithms building alarm chains on automation systems for industrial processes.

Industrial placement


August 2014 – January 2015 Hamburg, Germany

Quantitative methods for the identification of root causes for steel loss on a rolling mill plant.

  • Data analysis and statistical programming
  • Preventive & predictive maintenance methodology and tools
  • Prototyping and tests for control charts


Different projects, open-source and academic.


A Bilevel Framework for Optimal Price-Setting of Time-and-Level-of-Use Tariffs

Formulating the TLOU price-setting as a bilevel optimization problem


Toolkit for statistical modeling in Julia

YASPR: Yet Another Snake on Piston & Rust

Trying out game development with the Piston framework in Rust

Mixed continuous-discrete distributions

Modelling, inferring and sampling from continuous-discrete distributions in Julia, on top of Distributions.jl

JuliaGraphs contributions

A graph modeling and analysis ecosystem for Julia


Serve Julia functions with HTTP